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Harnett Health Auxiliary Celebrates with Lights of Love

December 16th, 2016



The Harnett Health Auxiliary hosted its 21st Lights of Love Tree Lighting at Betsy Johnson Hospital last week. The Lights of Love ceremony honors those who have passed and those living. Supporters give donations in a person’s honor and a tag with the name of that person is placed on the tree in the hospital lobby.

Years ago Betsy Johnson did not have a formal tree lighting event and one of the volunteers, Elma West, decided to be inventive and create something special for the staff, patients, and families for the holiday season. She took ideas from other hospital tree lightings and came up with Lights of Love.

“We honor and remember those who are so dear this holiday season,” said Joyce Adams, auxiliary president, in her welcome to the crowd who had gathered under the hospital awning. “We pause to reflect on this wonderful time of the year,” the Rev. Roy Johnson said. “We are so grateful, dear God, and ask a special blessing to this auxiliary,” he prayed. “We are so grateful you gave us Jesus.” Kevin Jackson, president of Harnett Health, read the names of those honored.

The highlight of the evening was the performance of the Harnett Primary Children’s Choir directed by Susan Busch. They sang “I Feel The Rhythm of the Season,” which ended in “one, two, three, four, celebrate” with a dab (motion made famous by Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton.) Emma LaMirand performed solo on “Happy Birthday Jesus” and was later accompanied by the choir. Lastly, the group sang “Celebrate With Joy,” punctuating each celebrate with upraised hands.

When it was announced Santa was waiting inside, the children clapped and cheered. The evening ended with visits with Santa and refreshments.

In Memory Durwood Adams, Cleta D. Barefoot, Paul Bass, Debra G. Blue, James R. Blue, Shannon Brown, Lellon Mae Butler, April Carrano, Lillington Carrano, Thomas Carrano, Ellison M. Cash Jr., Henry and Mary Coleman, Tommy Cooper, J.C. Dale, Mark and Annie B. Daughtry Don Davis, Jule Dawson, Becky Barefoot Denning, Roxie Dean, Dickson, Stacey Duncan, Patricia Ellis, Mr. and Mrs. Stiles H. Ellyson, Doris Ennis, Robert Hedgepeth, Cindy Herring, J. “Richard” Hilderbrand, J. “Ritchie” Hilderbrand Jr., Lovely Lady Horton, Ozell Horton, Jessie House, Wallace W. House, Florence Howard, Anna Jackson, Susan Jackson, James and Bleaker Jernigan, Annie B. Johnson, Delorus Johnson, Kenneth M. Johnson, Gale Johnson, Joe Gerald Jones, Elsie Mae Kirby, Jack Kirby, Carl Lee, Sr., Kelly Loughlin, Connie Matthews, Patsy Matthews, Louise C. “Mac” McKinnie, Frances Elizabeth McLamb, Garrett McLamb, Ralph Edward McLamb, Eva Mae McLean, Edward McMahan, Helen McMahan, Charles Moody, Jerry Moody, Betty Moore, Annie Mae Nebo, Bruce Peacock, Margaret Pierce, Dwight Pope, Ed Powers, Tony Register, Trello Sills, Diane R. Smith, Joseph W. Smith, Sylvester Smith, Mary L. Stanfield, Richard Stinemetz, Gordon Stephenson, Nala Stephenson, Sheila Smith Strickland, Willard Strickland, Ralph Tanner, DeVante S. Tart, Elsie Tart, Wilmon Duvall Tart, Martha Taylor, Inez Terbush, Renee Thomas, Daisy Thompson, Harry and Emma Thompson, Tony Turnage, Nancy Tyndall, Myra Walker, Elma West, Jean West, Juanita West, Carl and Verta Whittington, Phyllis Williams, Effie Wright, Dick T. Zoldack and Jack L. Zoldack.

In Honor Amanda Faircloth, Chloe Mae Faircloth, Ruby Dean Faircloth, Pastor Beth Gaines, Harnett Health staff and volunteers, Patricia Hilderbrand, Stacie Allison McLamb, Monday gift shop workers, J.C. Moore, Rocky Moore, Matthew Mountcastle, students and staff of Harnett Primary and Geraldine Warren.

Ms. Adams said the hospital auxiliary could use more volunteers. “We could use volunteers in the gift shop, toy makers and everywhere else,” she said. To volunteer, go to the gift shop in the lobby of Betsy Johnson and ask for an application.

Harnett Health Welcomes Resident Physicians

July 8th, 2016


On June 27, Harnett Health executives, physicians, educators, and key hospital staff welcomed a dynamic inaugural group of 15 medical school graduates from around the country who will begin post-graduate training as Resident Physicians – often referred to as Residents – in Harnett Health hospitals and practices. “It is an honor to be part of the very first residency program at Harnett Health,” says Sonya McLamb, Medical Education Coordinator at Harnett Health, “I have already had the privilege of working with these bright, young professionals over the last few months, and I am convinced this group will significantly help transform and improve the healthcare in our community.”

The 15 Residents will be rotating through Betsy Johnson and Central Harnett Hospitals, as well as the hospital-owned practices, Angier Medical Services, Coats Medical Services, Dunn Medical Services, Lillington Medical Services, Harnett OB/GYN and Premiere Pediatrics. They have been divided and assigned to three different programs: internal medicine, family medicine, and a traditional program. Both the internal medicine and family medicine Residents will be training at Harnett Health for a 3-year period; while the traditional rotating interns will train for one year.

Vice Present, Mike Jones has been the lead executive at Harnett Health since the vision began, he recalls “In 2013, as Harnett Health opened Central Harnett Hospital and Campbell University welcomed it first class of students at the School of Osteopathic Medicine, we also entered into an agreement to develop a Harnett Health Medical Education program. The idea of having resident physicians providing medical services in our hospitals and clinics seemed like a dream at the time, but thanks to all the assistance from CUSOM administration and faculty, and Cape Fear Valley Health, it is now reality.”

A celebratory welcome breakfast was held at Betsy Johnson Hospital to kick off a week-long, system-wide orientation before the Residents officially hit the floors next week on July 1st. “With the residents, we will change our culture and vastly improve the health in this community,” says Dr. Michelle Langaker, D.O., “I am looking forward to the amazing changes that will occur with both the Campbell Medical Students and the Harnett Health residents and feel very lucky to be a part of this community.” Harnett Health physicians will be diligently preparing these resident physicians to become top-notch physicians, improving the healthcare and the lives of the people of Harnett County.

Meet our Resident Physicians


Harnett Health Comfort Cart

June 13th, 2016


Comfort Cart Picture

The Comfort Cart first started at Betsy Johnson Hospital in the fall of 2015. Harnett Health later expanded the Comfort Cart to include Central Harnett in January 2016. The carts are run by hospital volunteers, junior volunteers, and Campbell student volunteers who take the carts around to the patients’ rooms almost every day.

“The Comfort Cart is a way to help distract and provide relaxation activities to our patients during their hospital stay,” says Megan Gurkin, Patient Educator and Comfort Cart Coordinator for Harnett Health.

We provide many activities for our patients: coloring books, crayons, newspapers, word searches, books, magazines, playing cards, hand-made blankets, and sound machines; all at no charge. The supplies are either purchased by the hospital or donated by members of the community.

Staff and patients all comment on the positive experiences that the Comfort Cart brings. We hope to continue to provide the Comfort Cart at both hospitals to make our patients feel more at home during their time at Harnett Health.

Donations of new items can be made to the Comfort Cart by contacting:

Megan Gurkin


(910) 892-1000 ext. 4964

Wound Care Awareness Week

May 31st, 2016


The Wound Care Center at Harnett Health, a member of the Healogics network, is helping raise awareness of chronic wounds. The third annual Wound Care Awareness Week is being held from June 6 to June 10. One of nearly 800 Healogics-managed Centers; Harnett Health Wound Care Center offers advanced therapies to patients suffering from chronic wounds.  Program Directors across the nation will dedicate the entire week to educating physicians, patients and the general public about the chronic wound epidemic and the advanced wound care solutions.

It is estimated that chronic wounds affect 6.7 million people in the U.S. and the incidence is rising, fueled by an aging population and increasing rates of diseases and conditions such as diabetes, obesity and the late effects of radiation therapy. If left untreated, chronic wounds can lead to diminished quality of life and possibly amputation of the affected limb.

“We see patients living with non-healing wounds for a prolonged amount of time due to the lack of awareness of advanced wound care options,” said D. Scott Covington, MD, FACS, Chief Medical Director for Healogics. “We work to educate community physicians about which of their patients can benefit from advanced wound care, and then provide coordinated care to heal that patient’s wounds.”

People with wounds that have not improved with traditional methods of treatment may benefit from a visit to Harnett Health Wound Care Center. Visit www.woundcareawarenessweek.com to learn more about Wound Care Awareness Week and to hear from patients about how wound healing changed their life.  Harnett Health’s Wound Care Center is located at 803 Tilghman Drive, Suite 300, Dunn, NC 28334. To schedule an appointment, please call 910-230-7858.