Celia Chao


Hometown/State-Country:  Rockville, Maryland

Undergraduate School:  University of California, Berkeley

Medical School:  Touro University, California

Goals:  I will be returning to California next summer for my residency in Ophthalmology at Arrowhead Regional Medical Center and hope to continue my career by serving marginalized populations who have little access to specialty care because vision is so crucial to independence. I hope to be proficient at manual small incision cataract surgery, a low-tech form of cataract surgery commonly practiced in the developing world. I also seek to fully understand illness in its full social, economic, and environmental context so we can find ways to mitigate growing problems in healthcare at home and worldwide.

Why Harnett Health?:  I was initially drawn to Harnett Health because it is exciting to be part of an inaugural class where each resident is a leader and we can work together to create our own legacy. After starting here, this hope has proved to be tangible. The staff and faculty here are excellent and open to resident ideas. We work together to create an optimized, nurturing space for cultivating the most competent physicians. By providing many opportunities for students to present on topics, we foster an environment where learning is interactive and participation is encouraged. We have conversations about what we can improve on and evolve. I am happy to learn from physicians who love and find meaning in their work.