Going the Extra Mile

All Harnett Health employees agree to meet certain standards of performance:



Smile and greet everyone, making eye contact.  Say “please” and “thank you” when appropriate.

Conflict Resolution

Actively listen to others without interrupting.


Value everyone’s time.  Take care of guests’ needs promptly OR hand-off to someone who can.  Follow-up later in the shift to make sure the guests’ needs were met.


I will offer an apology to every guest and team member for any inconveniences, without placing blame on anyone.


I will speak positively about other team members, our guests, and the hospital.

Respect of Individuals

I will show courtesy and respect to all team members and guests.


I will devote all of my attention to each guest in my presence.

Service Excellence

I will communicate frequently with all of our guests and anticipate their needs asking, “Is there anything else I can do for you?”.


Every guest is my guest.  I will make time to assist other team members without being asked.

Some of our employees “go the extra mile”.  These “GEMs” exceed the above expectations.  They are role models that demonstrate the highest qualities of professionalism and customer care.


Any employee can be nominated for GEM of the Quarter by filling out this form.