Jordan Thomas Vorrie


Hometown/State-Country:  Thor, IA

Undergraduate School:  Simpson College – Indianola, IA

Medical School:  Des Moines University College of Osteopathic Medicine – Des Moines, IA

Goals:  I am determined to pursue a career in emergency medicine with a special emphasis in emergency medical services and critical care. I have always seen myself practicing medicine in the Midwest, particularly Iowa. There seems to be a significant call of emergency medicine trained physicians as the healthcare system continues to evolve and change with time. Ultimately I would like to practice medicine in a setting that will allow me to be happy and healthy.

Why Harnett Health?:  Moving out to the east coast and away from my family and friends in the Midwest was definitely not part of my original plans. I had originally attempted to obtain an emergency medicine residency spot, but was unsuccessful in the increasingly competitive nature of the specialty. Despite the great frustration and reluctance in pursuing a traditional rotating internship instead of matching with an emergency medicine residency, I steamed ahead with my decision. I had several offers to stay in the Midwest at other programs, however when it came down to the final decision, I decided Harnett Health and Campbell University was where I needed to be. There are several reasons behind my decision. First was that I knew Harnett Health System was a smaller healthcare system that provided care to rural areas and the underserved, which is where I have found a great deal of reward and career satisfaction, both during my career as a critical care paramedic and as a medical student during clinical training. Second was the size of the program. I have always been relatively introverted, so moving to a program with over one hundred new residents every year and where I may be looked down upon as an intern was not ideal for me. The Harnett Health residency is a small, new program with a great working relationship with all of the staff and attending physicians. Third, and perhaps most importantly, when I was speaking with the physicians here there was an excitement I did not find anywhere else in my search. They seemed happy that I was interested in coming to North Carolina. I felt that the people involved would care about me as a new physician as well as provide a positive environment in which to further develop my skills as a healthcare provider.