Harnett Health is dedicated to providing quality and personalized care with respect and compassion. We are committed to making a difference throughout our communities with service excellence and our employee culture is no different. We believe to achieve this mission it starts with our employees.

We are a caring organization that welcomes our employees into the family with open arms. We celebrate our wins together, pick each other up when needed, and have dedicated, visible, and transparent leadership.

Employees are mission-driven, community focused and compassionate with their care for patients and with each other on the team. No task, mission or goal is too big or too small. The mission and value is shared in the way we work and the pride we feel in our accomplishments.


Our employees and culture make the difference for our communities and for our work environment. Each employee offers a unique set of ideas, beliefs and skills shaped by their heritage, background and culture.

Therefore, Harnett Health is committed to recruiting and retaining a diverse workforce dedicated to the community and our mission. Our employees foster respect and team spirit while working, embracing and leveraging the multicultural element of the company, and providing equal opportunities to talented individuals.

We strive for not only diversity of thought, but also inclusion of all individuals. This inclusion of different thought processes strengthens our ability to serve our community and provide the best healthcare to Harnett county NC, and surrounding Counties.