Patient Financial Services

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Harnett Health accepts numerous insurances and we are happy to file claims for you. Please note that your deductible and coinsurance are an agreement between your insurance carrier and yourself and fees may be required upfront before a procedure is done.  

Financial Assistance

Harnett Health is committed to serving the healthcare needs of the communities we serve.  We offer financial assistance to anyone based on need and ability to pay.  Our Patient Account Liaisons will assist patients in applying for financial assistance and any other funding sources that may be available for which they may qualify.  Pre-screening may be conducted at pre-admission or point of service for all uninsured or underinsured accounts that cannot meet the deposit requirements; however, all emergent services will be provided without regard to the ability to pay.  Requested deposits may be applicable for all non-emergent services that are not covered or assigned under an insurance policy.

Our financial assistance policy affords for the review of financial information provided by the patient and/or guarantor.  Based on 200% of the current Federal Poverty Guidelines, we use a sliding scale based on income and number of household members to determine the charity care write-off percentage.  We will also consider monthly medical expenses and total household assets when determining eligibility for charity care.  Patients who do not meet our guidelines for charity care write-offs are given alternative means to settle their accounts via credit card payments or monthly payment options.  In addition, we offer discounts to uninsured (self-pay) patients as well as prompt pay incentives for all patients.

All patients and/or guarantors who may have difficulty paying their hospital bills are encouraged to speak with our Financial Counselors to discuss the options available, please call 910-892-1000 (x4917 or x4069 for assistance in Spanish).