Dunn, NC. –   Today at Betsy Johnson Hospital in Dunn, Harnett Health Labor and Delivery staff received Harnett County’s first Cuddle Cot Bassinet. The Cuddle Cot was donated by Ashlee, Marcus, and their son Grant Woodring, through an organization named Madison’s Miracles, in memory of their son and brother Pearson Hayes Woodring.

Most hospitals are not prepared to handle a grieving family who so longs to spend time with their baby by saying a gentle goodbye.  Dealing with the death of a newborn baby is an incredibly difficult loss. A Cuddle Cot allows a family to spend more time with their child after their passing by cooling the baby’s body. Cuddle Cots are currently being used in hospitals all over the world.

“Newborn loss is a very tragic thing that unfortunately happens to families for a variety of different reasons. This is a very stressful and emotional time for families to process in a short period of time. Having a Cuddle Cot in our Labor & Delivery unit will allow future families to spend more time with their newborn. A baby’s presence with his/her family is a priceless gift that heals the most painful loss. When we are able to allow a family extended time to hold, sing and rock their baby and allow siblings and extended family to share in the love” said Harnett Health Chief Nursing Officer Marleigh Zacek. “Our goal as a health system is to provide the highest level of care available to every patient that uses our services and we are extremely grateful for this donation from the Woodring Family.”