Peggy Michele Isaac Robinson

Hometown/State-Country:  Louisa, KY

Undergraduate School:  Pikeville College, Pikeville, KY

Medical School:  Kentucky College of Osteopathic Medicine – Pikeville, KY

Goals:  I have a definite interest in pursuing a career in General Surgery. I will be applying this year for a residency spot in this field. As of now I have plans on returning home to practice and bring quality care to my hometown.

Why Harnett Health?:  I was looking for a traditional rotating internship (TRI) program that is family friendly. I really looked forward to being a part of something new and up and coming. I have enjoyed being in on the ground floor of something that has such potential to be amazing. The staff, administration, nursing, and attending physicians are all very receptive of input and questions. I look forward to working with these wonderful people on a daily basis, not just now but in the future. At Harnett Health one is not merely treated as a resident but treated as an equal peer. The attending physicians work tirelessly to instill confidence, procedural knowledge, and medical knowledge at every opportunity. I would recommend this program to anyone wishing to be a well rounded rural physician as you will see a diverse array of patients and disease processes. You will learn to work in the confines of smaller hospitals and adapt to the resources available (of which there is an abundance). I have been truly blessed to be a part of this program and feel enriched because of it.