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Harnett Health Outpatient Services

Harnett Health is happy to offer a variety of different outpatient services to our customers, and the public. These services include, but aren’t limited to, Cardiac Testing, Laboratory Services, Medical Imaging, Rehabilitation/ Wellness, and Wound Care. For more information about these services click the button corresponding to the service in question below, or contact us at (910) 892-1000.


Harnett Health Infusion & Injection Services is offered at Central Harnett Hospital in Lillington to further meet our continuum of care. This service area is conveniently located on the first floor next to the Cancer Center inside Central Harnett Hospital.

This clinic treats a variety of outpatients, such as patients with rheumatoid arthritis, multiple sclerosis, thyroid disorders, anemia, B12 deficiency, osteoporosis, lupus, polycythemia, hemochromatosis and asthma, and patients requiring rabies vaccinations. They also provide outpatient non-emergent blood transfusions and port flushes.

Harnett Health Infusion & Injection Services treats scheduled outpatients by referral Monday through Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. For more information, you can reach this clinic at (910) 766-7811 or fax (910) 615-9776.


Labs are available at these locations:

  • Betsy Johnson Hospital | 800 Tilghman Drive, Dunn
  • Central Harnett Hospital | 215 Brightwater Drive, Lillington

The hospital labs can collect any test ordered by a physician. Glucose Tolerance Tests and Therapeutic Phlebotomies require scheduling and are available at Betsy Johnson Hospital.  Betsy Johnson’s lab & Central is CAP and AABB accredited.

Call Central Scheduling at (910) 904-8097


Harnett Health is pleased to provide Nephrology based care to its patients and the Harnett County Community.

Nephrology is a medical specialty that manages diseases of the kidney.  A Nephrologist is simply a kidney doctor. Nephrologists receive training in Internal Medicine with an additional fellowship experience in Nephrology.  Nephrology focuses on the non-surgical treatment and management of kidney disorders. Kidney doctors often manage kidney conditions with medication.

Kidneys are the organs in the human body that filter waste products from the blood to form urine. The content and volume of urine is closely regulated by the kidneys.  Damage to the kidneys can result in electrolyte disturbances such as high potassium, swelling, breathing problems, appetite changes, mental status changes, changes in urine output, blood and protein in the urine, and generalized fatigue.  Often, patients have no specific symptoms and kidney problems are found on routine blood work.

A Nephrologist manages acute and chronic kidney diseases, kidney stones, electrolyte disorders, high blood pressure, dialysis, and kidney transplantation.  There are numerous causes of acute and chronic kidney diseases, including high blood pressure, diabetes, autoimmune diseases, and toxin exposure. Kidney diseases may also be hereditary.

Some kidney conditions resolve with medication adjustments, while others can be severe and progressive.  When the kidneys fail, dialysis is initiated to filter the waste products from the blood. Dialysis can be performed via the blood or abdomen.  The dialysis is monitored closely by the Nephrologist and Nephrology care team.

Your primary care doctor may refer you to our Nephrologist if they are concerned about a kidney problem.  Close monitoring of kidney conditions is very important to prevent progressive kidney problems and living a healthy and full life.

For referral information for our Nephrologist, Dr. Nancy Finnigan, please call 910-814-1212

Nutrition/ Dietitian Services

    Weight Management

Obtaining and/or maintaining a healthy weight is very important as it

reduces your risk of heart disease, stroke, diabetes, joint pain,

and many cancers, just to name a few.

You can lose up to a pound a week by cutting out 500 Calories per day from your diet.

Some ways to do this would be to:

  • Eat smaller portion sizes
  • Cut out high Calorie foods, such as desserts, fried foods, potato chips, and sodas
  • Avoid snacking while watching television, etc. as you may not realize how many Calories you are consuming
  • Read nutrition labels on all foods before buying at the grocery store in order to better choose healthy, low Calorie options

Making sure to stay hydrated with water can also help to curb your appetite.

It is important to consume a variety of foods in order to obtain a variety of nutrients.

Aim for a quarter of your plate to contain whole grains, a quarter with a low-fat protein, and the other half with fresh or frozen fruits/vegetables. It is also important to consume low fat dairy foods, as they contain calcium, which is good for bone health.

Finally, make sure to ask your healthcare provider about the best way for you to engage in physical activity in order to burn additional Calories (30 minutes, 5 days/week may be a good goal for many individuals).

Dietitian/Nutrition Services are available for both adults and children at

Betsy Johnson Hospital: 800 Tilghman Drive, Dunn  

Our Registered Dietitians are nationally credentialed and provide individual counseling sessions related to weight loss/gain, diabetes/pre-diabetes/gestational diabetes, kidney disease, high blood pressure/cholesterol, celiac disease/food allergies, and tube feeding management just to name a few.

To make an appointment or for more information, please call the Dietitian office at

(910) 766-7358


Our Rehab/Wellness Center provides PT, OT, Speech Therapy, Pulmonary Rehab and Cardiac Rehabilitation.

Physical Therapy – PT Services are available in three locations:

Betsy Johnson Hospital | 800 Tilghman Drive, Dunn
Lillington Rehabilitation 910-814-5885 | 55 Bain Street, Suite 101, Lillington

We treat adults and children for orthopedic, neurological and developmental problems including:

•    Orthopedic/sports medicine rehabilitation including therapy following joint replacements
•    Ergonomics/Work reconditioning
•  Graston therapy—a form of instrument assisted soft tissue mobilization using stainless steel tools, used with conditions such as tendiopathothies, plantar fasciitis, myofascial pain, scar adhesions
•    Neurological rehab, including stroke rehabilitation
•    Therapy following lower limb amputations
•    Pediatric evaluation and treatment of developmental delays, torticollis, and gait abnormalities
•    Balance and vestibular rehab


Occupational TherapyOT is available at Betsy Johnson Hospital and at our Lillington location.

Occupational Therapy is available for adults and children including:

•    Hand Therapy
•    Treatment with a home simulation suite for ADL training
•    Scar management therapy
•    Dynamic and static splint fabrication
•    Edema reduction treatment (lymphedema management)
•    Therapy for desensitization and sensory re-education following nerve injury or trauma
•    Individualized exercise programs and adaptive equipment to increase dexterity, strength and function
•    Pediatric evaluation/treatment of developmental delays in fine motor skills, self-care, and self-feeding skills

Speech Therapy – Speech Therapy available at Betsy Johnson Hospital in Dunn

Our staff can help adult and pediatric patients with the following disorders:

•    Stroke and Traumatic Brain Injury
•    Speech and language delays/impairments and writing difficulties
•    Hearing impairment
•    Autism
•    Stuttering
•    Evaluation and use of speech-generating devices
•    Swallowing disorders
•    Preschool speech and hearing screening
•    Aphasia, apraxia, dysarthria

For PT, OT, or ST, call (910) 766-7022

Cardiac and Pulmonary Rehab – Both programs are  available at Betsy Johnson Hospital in Dunn

Certified by the AACVPR, Harnett Health’s Cardiac  and Pulmonary Rehab program focuses on helping patients recover from their heart condition and improve their quality of life through:

•    Telemetry and/or Sp02 monitored exercise
•    Nutrition counseling
•    Education
•    Stress management.

Cardiac and Pulmonary rehab and Respiratory Therapist is available to patients who have been referred by their provider for one of the following conditions:

Heart Attack

Angina Pectoris (Chest pain)

Coronary artery bypass graft surgery (CABG)

Stable chronic heart failure

Coronary angioplasty or coronary stent

Heart valve repair or replacement

Heart transplant




Pulmonary Fibrosis

Pulmonary Hypertension

Pre/Post lung transplant

Other respiratory conditions

A dedicated staff consisting of an exercise physiologist, nurses and dietitian all work together under the supervision of the medical director.  As needed, vocational rehab counselors are called to help assess certain patient’s needs. Lasting approximately 12 weeks, the program is covered by Medicare, Medicaid and most insurance plans

For Cardiac and Pulmonary Rehab, call (910) 766-7022

Fax: (910)-897-5902