Wound Care Center

Hours of Operation

Monday – Thursday
8 a.m. – Noon, 1 – 4:30 p.m.

8 a.m. – Noon, 1 -2 p.m.


Our center is staffed with a unique team of doctors, nurses, and therapists all dedicated to healing chronic wounds. The causes of wounds are complex, and our group represents expertise in all of the major areas necessary to handle your varied circumstances and challenges. Whatever it takes for healing to occur, we’re equipped and staffed to make it happen.

When Should I seek treatment for my wound at Wound Care Center?

Ask your doctor about visiting our Wound Care Center® if: 

  • You have a wound that hasn’t healed in 30 days 

(commonly experienced by people with diabetes). 

  • You have a sore with increasing pain, redness or swelling, foul odor, or a change in color. You have a surgical wound that has become infected

What to bring to your first appointment?

  •  A list of any medications you’re currently taking as well as any allergies you’re aware of. Medical records including Xray films if  you have them. 
  • Insurance forms or cards. 

How to start healing.

  1. Generally, the physician currently treating you will refer you to our Center for specialized care. You can also make an appointment directly.
  2. When you call for your first appointment, we will ask you a few questions about your wound and your health in general.
  3. Before treatment, our team of doctors and nurses will thoroughly evaluate your wound and review your health and medical history.
  4. Test may be conducted to tell us more about your blood flow and tissue oxygenation as well as to determind if there’s any infection present.
  5. Together with your physician, we’ll develop a treatment program based on your special needs.
  6. We are in constant communication with your doctor throughout your care. Once your wound is healed, you’ll return to your doctor for follow-up care.

Contact Info:

803 Tilghman Drive Suite 300 

Dunn, NC 28335

Phone: (910) 230-7858 

Fax: (910) 891-6010