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Welcome to Harnett Health

Exceptional healthcare begins with the compassionate and experienced people you’ll find at Harnett Health. For over 75 years we’ve continually brought new medical services and treatments to those in Harnett and surrounding counties. State-of-the-art equipment and advanced technologies are key. Medical imaging, emergency services, physical and cardiac rehabilitation, outpatient surgeries and our birthing center are just a few of the many ways we’re looking out for your good health. You can count on everyone at Harnett Health to take care of you, help you feel better and make you feel welcome.

Pricing Transparency
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Our Facilities are Tobacco-Free
As a healthcare organization, we promote healthy lifestyles. Therefore, we are a tobacco-free organization.  Please do not smoke or use smokeless tobacco on our campuses.  This helps protect our patients as well as our staff from second-hand smoke.  If you’re a tobacco user, your healthcare provider can assist with treatment options while you are in the hospital to help you curb your urge.  If you would like assistance with quitting, please call Quitline-NC at 800-784-8669 or visit them online at


Your Room
Room assignment are based on your diagnosis and bed availability the day you’re admitted. Patient rooms have been designed with concern for your privacy, comfort, and health needs.  Both Hospitals have private rooms.

Your bed has push-button controls so you can adjust the height of the bed as well as lift the head and foot areas up and down.  Please keep your upper bedrails up at all times for your personal safety.

The remote control operates the lights, television, and the nurse call bell. If you need help with the remote, please let us know.


Gift Shop
Betsy Johnson Hospital has a gift shop at the main entrance that sells balloons, arrangements, gifts, snacks, personal toiletry items, and a variety of other items. The gift shop is open Monday through Saturday from 9am to 6:45pm and on Sundays from 1pm to 4:45pm.  At the present time, Central Harnett Hospital does not have a gift shop.


Medication Safety
Knowing what medications you take and learning about them is very important. For your convenience, we have included a medication card in your My Important Papers admission packet. Unless you’re asked by your physicians to bring your medications with you, please leave them at home. During your stay, your physician and nurse will coordinate the medicines you take. if you require additional education about your medications, please ask your nurse.


Patient Meals
Our Nutritional Services Department staff will make sure your meals are nutritious and taste good while adhering to the diet prescribed by  your physician. 


Patient Safety
Our patient’s health and safety is our top priority.  We conduct regular fire alarms and disaster drills as part of our continual training.  You may hear alarms or overhead announcements stating the purpose of the alarm.  If a drill occurs while you are here, please stay in your room and remain calm.  Our staff is trained in fire protection as well as other emergency preparedness situations, and we will instruct you on what to do if there is an actual emergency.


Photos, Videos, Cellphones and Contacting the Press about a Story
Patient privacy laws limit the use of cameras and video devices, including cameras on cellphones. Even if you are videotaping your own story, you may inadvertently capture another patient or patient information in the background. Visitors may only use cameras in a patient’s private room and only with the patient’s consent.

Occasionally, patients will have positive, newsworthy stories they would like to have shared with the local news, and we support showcasing your positive story.  Because of federally-regulated patient privacy laws, it is imperative that you contact your nurse before contacting the newspaper so we may provide the proper consent forms before the reporter and photographer are on site. Failing to do so may have the news media escorted off premises.


Interpreters & Special Needs
If you need a language interpreter, please tell your nurse.  For the Hearing Impaired, we provide telecommunication devices (TDD) for hearing-impaired patients. Your nurse will make these arrangements for you.


Quality, Compassionate Care is Key

During Your Stay

Please speak with your nurse or nursing supervisor if you have any questions or concerns about your care. If your issue still is not resolved, then contact the Patient Relations Department at (910) 766-7126. You also have the right to file your complaint with either:

Global Compliance, please call 866-418-2850

North Carolina Division of Public Health

1931 Mail Service Center

Raleigh, NC 27699


Fax: 919-870-4829

Office of Quality and Patient Safety

The Joint Commission

One Renaissance Blvd.

Oakbrook Terrace, IL 60181


Email: [email protected]