Harnett Health is happy to announce Karen Elmore as our 2018 GEM of the Year winner. The GEM Recognition Program is designed to recognize and reward employees who go above and beyond their normal job requirements and represent the values adopted by Harnett Health. Fellow employees, patients, visitors, and physicians may nominate employees. Nomination forms are located at Employee Recognition stations throughout Harnett Health facilities.

Karen Elmore went above and beyond for a patient this past spring when a patient came in and did not have any clothing to wear. Karen purchased bags of clothing for the long term patient without even thinking about it. As a result of her care and generosity, the patient was able to take new clothes with him to the nursing home upon discharge from Betsy Johnson Hospital.

Karen’s Co-workers spoke highly of her when asked about her character and what made her deserving of the GEM of The Year. “Karen is a caring, compassionate nurse with many years of experience. She sees the patients and their families’ whole picture and helps develop the best plan for the patient’s discharge. Karen is excellent at communicating with patients and their families about difficult issues and situations. During her time at Harnett Health, she has gone above and beyond for several patients that did not have the things they needed, by using her own funds and encouraging others to give to patients. Harnett Health is fortunate to have Karen as Case Manager.”

Karen was officially recognized as the GEM of the Year on Monday, January 21st, 2019 surrounded by family and friends. As a thank you to Karen for her amazing customer service skills she was given additional time off and a monetary reward.

Please join us in thanking Karen not only for going the extra mile as a Harnett Health employee, but also for going the extra mile as a kind and generous person.