Comfort Cart Picture

The Comfort Cart first started at Betsy Johnson Hospital in the fall of 2015. Harnett Health later expanded the Comfort Cart to include Central Harnett in January 2016. The carts are run by hospital volunteers, junior volunteers, and Campbell student volunteers who take the carts around to the patients’ rooms almost every day.

“The Comfort Cart is a way to help distract and provide relaxation activities to our patients during their hospital stay,” says Megan Gurkin, Patient Educator and Comfort Cart Coordinator for Harnett Health.

We provide many activities for our patients: coloring books, crayons, newspapers, word searches, books, magazines, playing cards, hand-made blankets, and sound machines; all at no charge. The supplies are either purchased by the hospital or donated by members of the community.

Staff and patients all comment on the positive experiences that the Comfort Cart brings. We hope to continue to provide the Comfort Cart at both hospitals to make our patients feel more at home during their time at Harnett Health.

Donations of new items can be made to the Comfort Cart by contacting:

Megan Gurkin

[email protected]

(910) 892-1000 ext. 4964