DUNN, N.C. – Harnett Health is excited to announce that there will now be a LifeLINK Air Medivac Helicopter stationed at Betsy Johnson Hospital full time. The LifeLINK Air uses an Airbus H135 medical helicopter to assist with quick-response patient transport. The aircraft is equipped with twin Pratt & Whitney turbine engines, capable of carrying a crew of three and patient up to 173 mph. By stationing LifeLINK Air at Betsy Johnson Hospital, providers will be able to cut response times and deliver critical care air ambulance services to patients following a traumatic illness or injury.

“At Harnett Health we are always going to put patient safety and well being first. Having the Lifelink team on-site full time at Betsy Johnson provides a service to our citizens that need assistance to specialized medical facilities when the patient is physically, or medically unable to utilize normal modes of transportation.” Said Harnett Health President Cory Hess”

LifeLink Air is a well-established and respected provider of 24/7 emergency air medical transportation services using specially equipped rotor-wing aircraft and specially trained personnel capable of providing patient care consistent with recognized critical care transport and advanced life support standards. The Air service will transport critical patients to any of the hospitals with a higher level of care that is best for the patient based on physician or patient preference.

Each Nurse and Paramedic on the LifeLINK Air have at least 3 years of experience before being hired in their discipline and on average each member of the team has 5 or more years of experience. Each LifeLINK team member maintains multiple nationally recognized certifications such as ACLS, PALS, NRP, a Trauma Course and a National Specialty Certification.