On June 27, Harnett Health executives, physicians, educators, and key hospital staff welcomed a dynamic inaugural group of 15 medical school graduates from around the country who will begin post-graduate training as Resident Physicians – often referred to as Residents – in Harnett Health hospitals and practices. “It is an honor to be part of the very first residency program at Harnett Health,” says Sonya McLamb, Medical Education Coordinator at Harnett Health, “I have already had the privilege of working with these bright, young professionals over the last few months, and I am convinced this group will significantly help transform and improve the healthcare in our community.”

The 15 Residents will be rotating through Betsy Johnson and Central Harnett Hospitals, as well as the hospital-owned practices, Angier Medical Services, Coats Medical Services, Dunn Medical Services, Lillington Medical Services, Harnett OB/GYN and Premiere Pediatrics. They have been divided and assigned to three different programs: internal medicine, family medicine, and a traditional program. Both the internal medicine and family medicine Residents will be training at Harnett Health for a 3-year period; while the traditional rotating interns will train for one year.

Vice Present, Mike Jones has been the lead executive at Harnett Health since the vision began, he recalls “In 2013, as Harnett Health opened Central Harnett Hospital and Campbell University welcomed it first class of students at the School of Osteopathic Medicine, we also entered into an agreement to develop a Harnett Health Medical Education program. The idea of having resident physicians providing medical services in our hospitals and clinics seemed like a dream at the time, but thanks to all the assistance from CUSOM administration and faculty, and Cape Fear Valley Health, it is now reality.”

A celebratory welcome breakfast was held at Betsy Johnson Hospital to kick off a week-long, system-wide orientation before the Residents officially hit the floors next week on July 1st. “With the residents, we will change our culture and vastly improve the health in this community,” says Dr. Michelle Langaker, D.O., “I am looking forward to the amazing changes that will occur with both the Campbell Medical Students and the Harnett Health residents and feel very lucky to be a part of this community.” Harnett Health physicians will be diligently preparing these resident physicians to become top-notch physicians, improving the healthcare and the lives of the people of Harnett County.

Meet our Resident Physicians