Adult Volunteers


How do I become a volunteer?

You first need to obtain an Adult Volunteer application, which can be found on our Harnett Health website and at the information desk at each Harnett Health hospital location. You may return your completed application to either hospital, or mail it in to the address provided on the cover page. You may also email your scanned application to, [email protected]. Once your application has cleared the required background check, you will then need to complete a health assessment with Employee Health and attend an orientation session.

How soon will I hear back from Volunteer Services after I submit my application?

You should receive an email or phone call within seven business days. Please be sure to put down a valid phone number and/or email address that we may contact you at. Most meetings will be arranged within two weeks of submitting your application, and are generally scheduled Monday-Friday from 8am-5pm.

I am in the process of looking for a job and my schedule is flexible right now; can I begin volunteering?

We suggest that you concentrate on finding a job first before submitting a volunteer application. Once you have secured a job, you will be able to determine whether volunteering will fit into your schedule.

I need court-ordered community service hours. Will I be able to volunteer?

Unfortunately, we do not sign off on any court-ordered documents for volunteer hours.

Do you offer the opportunity to job shadow or observe in a clinical setting?

We do not offer any opportunities for job shadowing under Volunteer Services. Any job shadow or internship inquiries may be directed to Organizational Development. You may reach them at 910.892.1000 ext. 4111.    

I have a CNA/RN/Phlebotomist license. Can I volunteer as that?

We do not allow individuals to volunteer in any position that requires certification.

Are volunteers required to get the flu vaccine?

Yes, all volunteers must have the flu vaccine in order to volunteer during flu season (November-March). If you do not get your flu vaccine through Harnett Health, you must provide documentation to our Employee Health department. If you are not able to get the flu vaccine, you may request a declination form from our Employee Health department and have it completed by your physician.

How many hours can I volunteer?

Depending on the need, you can volunteer as much as you would like. We do require that all volunteers work a minimum of 32 hours per year to remain active in the Adult Volunteer program.